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Charitable Giving

Many of us subscribe to the philosophy proclaimed in the memorable stage extravaganza, Hello Dolly!, “Money is meant to be spread around helping young things grow.”

Whether for the benefit of your descendents, or for the betterment of humankind, transferring wealth to the next generation is a complex process. Business assets as well as personal assets must be transferred. Tax issues must be evaluated. The needs and the maturity of the recipients must be considered. Expectations governing your money’s use. These are only a few of the critical issues we face.

We specialize in estate planning. We have enabled scores of clients to avoid and reduce estate taxes, and yet we remain attentive to the personal and family issues involved in providing for the next generation. Whether it’s helping a young one start a new business, finding a cure for a tragic disease, providing scholarships for education, or food for hungry children, your wealth should be transferred according to your wishes. Barrington is here to help you make sure that happens.

A Barrington advisor can assist you in developing a financial plan that includes an estate plan that’s as detailed as you wish with incentives for your children or grandchildren. Then, we will be here, as we have been for the past three decades, helping you monitor and revise your plan to ensure that your wealth is preserved and expended according to your deepest wishes.

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