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Yes, retirement has the potential of becoming your “golden years,” just as it can be a time to continue financial struggles. Ideally, retirement is your time to set your own pace and enjoy the fruits of your life’s labor. The kids are grown. There are grandchildren to be spoiled. Sights to be seen. Books to be written. Charities to be supported. Fish to be caught. Golf balls to be sliced. Now, the commodity that was always in short supply is yours in abundance: time. How you enjoy it is also yours.

Americans who truly enjoy their retirement years do so in part because they worked hard AND planned well. Retirement planning is NOT a one-time affair. It is an ongoing process that must be monitored and revised as the world around us changes from year to year, decade to decade.

Barrington advisors enable clients to take on their retirement with gusto, by covering the bases early: adequate assets, liquidity, provisions for healthcare, as well as long-term care, and an estate plan that protects your net worth as it eventually flows into the next generation.

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