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Planning for your children's future

Can they attend the college of their choice?

Will you be able to afford the wedding?

As Ben Franklin said, one certainty in life is that life is always changing.

Perhaps the most dramatic change a family can experience is the presence of a new member in the household. While a new baby is usually a happy addition, households can be expanded as well by the return of an adult child or a disabled or aging parent.

Will you be ready? Whatever the event, families lives are changed by these additions and typically, are never the same, again.

A wonderful new baby is an awesome responsibility. A helpless, little handful of humanity totally dependent upon you. Many questions arise: Will Mom return to work? How can we manage without a second income? Who will be there if I am disabled? What about education? How much will the wedding cost? And what about our wills and estate plan?

Barrington advisors have helped many young couples find the right answers for them, to these critical questions. Our greatest joy is to see a client’s child reach for that diploma or to walk down the aisle on her wedding day, knowing that a dream was turned into reality.

The scale of these dreams is such that no time is too soon to begin preparation.

A Barrington advisor can help incorporate a tax-advantageous education plan into your overall financial plan as early as you are ready to consider it.

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