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Don’t we hope for only pleasant dreams to come true? But as realists, we know that it’s not always the case.

While planning for our dreams, reality sometimes has a way of intruding. Divorce. Illness. Death. Suddenly being faced with caring for dependent grandchildren, adult children, or even disabled parents. Should we intervene? How much care is enough? How to pick up the pieces?

Dealing with the financial aspects of divorce is an area of financial specialization. Barrington is associated with one of the finest consultants in this field. Another area of specialization is planning for life care. Life care for elders means solutions that are not only financially sound, but also deliver quality of life. Barrington offers financial specialists in the field as well.

Barrington advisors have helped many client families sort out the realities of unexpected life changes, providing for an appropriate transition, and getting long-term financial plans back on track. Isn’t it comforting to know you have a trusted financial advisor here to help, regardless of the reality?

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