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Financial advisors for families

At Barrington financial, we strive for the following:

  • Communication = By stressing the importance of this, and executing great and consistent communication, we are able to profoundly manage the expectations of others – both written and verbally. We provide proactive contact with clients helping to assure their understanding of our strategies, policies and interpretation of the goals defined by the client.
  • Methodology = To methodically take abstract ideas and reduce them to practical applications.
  • Client Servicing = Providing details that include strategy, action plans, and suitability to each client portfolio to help each client better understand the purpose of the allocation of their portfolio and the goals we are trying to help them accomplish.
  • Education = We do not want to only manage the portfolios and our clients, but rather, educate clients and the public on the economy, our strategy, and opportunities. We want to educate our clients and the public to become more knowledgeable about investing.
  • Honesty = A huge part of our communication and client service is based on a foundation of being honest with our clients so that they understand what the goals and expectations are as a client of BFA.
  • Accommodation = Our business model provides the flexibility to allow us to accommodate clients that range from assets of $100,000 to $100million; allowing all clients to participate in investment management that they may not be able to do otherwise, on an individual basis.

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